‘Artiste managers exploited me’ Saida Karoli of “Salome” hit maker reveals

‘Artiste managers exploited me’ Saida Karoli of “Salome” hit maker reveals

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Original “Salome” hit maker Saida Karoli has revealed that she fears artiste managers.

In an interview with Jembe fm in her home country Tanzania, the legendary artiste says that artiste managers badly exploited her back then with her fame not equating to the revenue she was getting from her music.

The artiste further revealed that she is now living in deplorable conditions in the lakeside city of Mwanza after relocating from Dares Salaam 9 years ago.

“I was used from the beginning and I got very little revenue.If you reporters get the opportunity please come and film the neighborhood I live in and I hope Tanzanians will be enlightened on how artiste managers exploit artistes.” She said.

Karoli who shot to fame in the late 90s has now been enjoying a remake of her hit single Salome which has been redone by Tanzanian hit makers Diamond platinumz and Raymond.

Diamond Platinumz revealed that an undisclosed amount of cash was paid to Karoli and an agreement reached that she would get 25% of the sales proceeds from the song.

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The music Salome music video which was released 2 weeks ago has proved to be a club banger in East Africa with its video on you tube garnering over 3 million views.