Kibokoni residents report major losses after “illegal” demolitions

Kibokoni residents report major losses after “illegal” demolitions

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One of the houses demolished at Kibokoni in Utange Mombasa. Residents have protested against the " illegal" demolitions. PHOTO: SAUM ATHMAN.

Mombasa, KENYA: Residents at Kibokoni in Utange Mombasa have reported major losses due to  the ongoing demolitions in the area.

According to Kadzo Katana a resident in the area, police came in at around 9 am Monday morning with a bulldozer and started threatening people to stay away as they began the operation.

“I asked them to serve me with the court order but they didn’t have any papers that gave them the authority to demolish our houses,” she said bitterly.

Kadzo further explains that the police threatened to shoot anyone who stood on their way.

“I was defending my house they told me toka ama tukumalize, when i resisted they beat me up and took me in their vehicle to Bamburi police station,” she said.

The residents also said the police came in with hooligans to assist in the demolitions.

“They brought in four matatus with hooligans with machetes;they were beating us and stealing some of our properties said” one of the residents.

Zainab Syokambua another resident, blamed the authorities for taking part in rowdy and unlawful acts.

“I want to tell the Regional Co-ordinator to stop indulging himself with politics let him do his job of maintaining security,” lamented Zainab.

Mombasa County Lands Executive Antony Njaramba has condemned the actions and said his office has not received any issues pertaining to that land and according to the law they must be served with a court order before demolition.

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The Kibokoni area is said to be 28 Hectares in size and is considered as an  ancestral land; with most of the residents having inherited from their parents.