(Photo) Why singer Akothee was trending during the weekend

(Photo) Why singer Akothee was trending during the weekend

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Flamboyant singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee was trending over the weekend after some of her fans criticized her over her fashion.

While performing in Lodwar over the weekend, Akothee wore what look like a pink swimming costume paired up with black stockings and boots. A section of her fans did not like the outfit with some terming the outfit as a ‘swimming costume paired up with gumboots.’

Akothee who is always “right” in whatever she does, did not have any soft words as she called on those who were criticizing her saying that those who termed her outfit as a swimming costume had never gotten close to a swimming pool.

The controversial singer further urged her haters to work on making their lives better instead of catching feelings in a long post on her Instagram account.

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“If you call this a swimming costume,Well I don’t blame you because the closest you have been to a swimming pool is the internet! We understand, listen when I don’t reply to your comments is because I want to be nice for I can finish some people her with just a sentence, go and check the last time you changed your p***ies.!Are they not from 2014? Am just asking,lets catch flight not feelings.

In another post Akothee wrote that only those with inferiority complex were criticizing her and said that the outfit cost her $350 (Kshs 35,000)
What do you think, was Akothee’s outfit a pass or  fail? SEE BELOW

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