Joho faces arrest over demolition on KBC land

Joho faces arrest over demolition on KBC land

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Some of the hired youths by Governor Joho who brought down the wall put up by KBC in Bombolulu Mombasa. PHOTO: COURTESY.


Mombasa,KENYA:Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho faces police arrest after he led hired goons to demolish a perimeter wall put up by Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation in Bombolulu, Mombasa.

Coast Regional Commissioner Nelson Marwa, Sunday told reporters during a security meeting at his office; the governor’s move to demolish the government property is impunity of the highest order which will not be tolerated.

“If he is arrested he is a human being there is nothing wrong.If I break the law I have to be arrested as Marwa,likewise to the governor,”reiterated Mr Marwa.

Mr Marwa asked Joho to follow legal ways if he wants to acquire the property but not to hire goons.

“Private property remains private property if you get interested just ask politely. Write to NLC,lands ministry and you will be handed over but not leading goons,’’said Marwa.

The Regional Coordinator criticized Joho for setting a bad example to the youth,paying them little money to cause anarchy in the county.He said the property has cost taxpayers a lot of money to put up.

“We have not seen any of the 47 governors in the country behaving the way governor Joho behaves,hiring goons,what is so special in Mombasa that he must break the law and walk scotfree?” Asked Mr. Marwa.

Mr Marwa also claimed that part of Kongowea market and railway has been grabbed by land grabbers.He said the railway land has become a car parking zone for some individuals.

“You want to be given the KBC land so that you can extend..yet you have not told Kenyans who have grabbed Kongowea market. Let them deal with those grabbers!”Said Marwa.

Marwa further warned governor Joho not to insult the president and his deputy for the sake of peace in the country.