Kilifi Health department launches 20 motorbikes to be used by health workers

Kilifi Health department launches 20 motorbikes to be used by health workers

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The new motorbikes meant to be used by field Health workers in Kilifi County. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi county department of health services has launched twenty motorbikes meant to be used by health field workers.

The move is believed to ease access of health services by residents in the county.

Speaking during the launch on Friday, Kilifi county Deputy governor Kenneth Kamto said the county government is dedicated to ensure every person in the county has access to health services with ease.

He said the move was sparked by the foul cry of residents especially women who take care of children and have no access to health facilities.

“This initiative is meant to take health services right to the residents.As a result these motorbikes will be distributed to the entire Kilifi County which has seven sub-counties,”  said Kenneth Kamto.

The deputy governor moreover warned the field officer holding the custody of the motorbikes against misusing them.

He said anyone caught misusing them will be held accountable.

“We have given you these motorbikes for the services of our great people in this county and not personal use, should we receive information of misuse of these machinery, the law will follow its course.” warned Kamto.

Kilifi County has been facing health challenges in terms of scarce health centers which residents say has been the cause of health vices in the area, including malnutrition and stunting especially in the semi-arid areas such as Ganze and Magarini sub-counties.

Elizabeth Bahati, a mother in Bamba, says the scarcity of health centers in the rural areas has contributed to children not getting the required nutrients in hospitals; as mothers seize clinics in early stages less than six months.

“As you can see, this area has limited health centers compared to other areas of this county,” said Elizabeth.

“We know that we have to attend clinics with our children up to the age of five years but that doesn’t happen following the long distances we have to walk in search of the services,” added Elizabeth.

“This has caused stunting and malnutrition of our children in such a way that mothers do not get the right sensitization of how to feed their children.” She added.

It is expected that the launching of these motorbikes will eliminate the vices and beef up health services in the county.