Mothers raise concern over high school drop outs rate and drug abuse...

Mothers raise concern over high school drop outs rate and drug abuse in Lamu

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Pupils from one of the primary schools affected as a result of terror in the region together with police officers. FILE/PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: Mothers in Lamu have raised concern over increased cases of school drop outs and increased drug use among school going children in the county.

They noted with great concern that a huge number of school children from Lamu Island villages including Kashmir,Kandahar,Bombay,Langoni,Mkomani and Wiyoni are no longer in school and are always seen loitering aimlessly around the streets while others openly use drugs.

Speaking in Lamu on Thursday when they were led by Maendeleo ya Wanawake Lamu chair Fatma Salim to deliberate on possible solutions on the matter,the women expressed fear that the drops outs might soon become a security threat is measures aren’t taken to have them back in school and off drugs.

Salim said there was need for the county administration to hunt down and arrest all those using school children to peddle drugs in the region and have them prosecuted.

She said parents have a duty to follow up on and help shape their children’s behavior in order to deter them from becoming a disappointment in future.

“ There is too much drugs in Lamu. Unfortunately our kids are now dropping out of school to sell or use drugs. The number is so high that we are worried there will be no future for the children of Lamu; if something isn’t done to help them. We however think the county administration can do better to arrest all those who use children to peddle drugs since they are known,”said Salim.

The women agreed to urge fellow parents to control and monitor the amount of freedom given to their children in order to keep them on the right track.

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Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has issued a warning to chiefs to ensure all no school going children are found outside learning institutions in their areas failure to which they will be fired.