Hundreds of Lamu residents facing hunger and starvation

Hundreds of Lamu residents facing hunger and starvation

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The skeletal remains of a cow after a drought .Hundreds of livestock have been reported to have died in various parts of Lamu county following a drought. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu,KENYA:Hundreds of residents in Lamu East are facing hunger and water shortage.

Villagers of Bargoni,Mswakini,Nduluni,Mngini and Bodhei are in dire need of food and water following a long dry spell that has hit the areas.

Rivers, boreholes and lakes have reportedly dried up completely.

The situation has also affected schooling in the respective villages since children are forced to abandon learning to accompany their parents in search of water hundreds of kilometers away.

Residents walk over for over 50 kilometers in search of water with their efforts proving dangerous following numerous encounters with wild animals.

“Our kids don’t go to school. There is a lot of hunger here. There is no single farm where crops have not dried up. Every borehole, river or lake is also dry,” said Khadija Yusuf of Bargoni.

Residents are forced buy water expensively and ferry it all the way from Hindi town on bodabodas, which is more than 50KM away.