220 criminal gang members surrender to police in Mombasa

220 criminal gang members surrender to police in Mombasa

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Mombasa,KENYA:Two hundred and twenty suspected criminals have surrendered to police in Mombasa.

The suspects are said to belong to different criminals gangs such as Wakaliwao,Watalia,Nyumba ya Zamani,gaza boys,Kapenguria six,Watalia and Wakalikwanza.

The youths, some of them teenagers, left the criminal gangs after being offered amnesty by security organs.

Police says the suspects surrendered in Likoni sub-county over the weekend but without their weapons.

Speaking after receiving the members, Likoni deputy county commissioner Albert Kimathi said the amnesty is still in force for those who wish to surrender.

He added that security teams have engaged human rights bodies and religious leaders to reach to more youths wishing to surrender.

“We don’t want to shoot the children. We want to give them a chance because by the time you broke the law by carrying crude weapons there is no difference with other criminal gang,” he said.

The dreaded criminal gang opened up to the authorities on how they operate in the area and how they joined the gang.