Family relocates to church following threats from marauding criminals

Family relocates to church following threats from marauding criminals

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Mombasa,KENYA:A family in Likoni Mombasa County says it has been forced to seek refuge in church following threats from armed criminal gangs.

The family claimed the gang of 10, has threatened to eliminate them for snitching on them to security officers.

Florence kambua, 53 and mother of four, says she was forced to relocate with her family to Galilaya ministry church in Majengo Mapya Estate after the gang dropped leaflets bearing threatening messages in her homestead.

She further alleges that one member of the gang took her image using a Smartphone and dared her to report to police.

“The young men all in 20s stormed into my house last week. They called me a police informer and that my days were numbered. They told me they will come for my head,” said a terrified Ms kambua.

The half page leaflet is handwritten in Swahili.

“Tumekuja wewe ndio kibaka unayetoa siri zetu.tumekuchunguza sana,toka kitambo na tunajua kila kitu kukuhusu,tumekupa vitisjho lakini umekataa kutuskia,”reads part of the letter.
“Tumekupa muda mfupi sana kwa saa yeyote hicho kichwa utakipata nje ya statehouse,continues read the letter.

The woman claims to have reported the matter at Likoni police station under ob number 11/19/9/2016, but she is accusing police of doing nothing to arrest the culprits.

She also claims she visited the County commissioner’s office, but was referred to regional directorate of criminal investigations.

Ms Kambua says now she will live in the church as the only option remaining as God will protect her and the family after police fails.

However, Likoni deputy police boss Anthony Shimoli refuted the claims saying there was no such incident booked at the station.