Police shut down bodaboda terminus following insecurity

Police shut down bodaboda terminus following insecurity

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Likoni, Mombasa:Police in Likoni, Mombasa have shut down two bodaboda terminus following insecurity threats, security bosses announced Thursday.

The two terminus -Military base and Millennium houses more than 100 bodaboda operators majority of them are youths.

The closure follows recent incident where four people were stabbed and seriously injured by suspected thugs who were allegedly operating from the same terminus.

According to police, two rivals groups have turned their anger on unsuspecting passengers and robbing them.

Likoni Deputy Police Chief Anthony Shimoli said two bodaboda riders are suffering serious injuries of stabbings.

Village elders and local administrators have been advised to be vigilant and enforce the directive to shut down the terminus.

“The area is prohibited as per now until further notice, chiefs and their assistants have been instructed to be cautious and to report to police,”said police chief.

Bodaboda area chairman Mohammed Bakari welcomed the move saying criminals are taking advantage of their trade.

He further urged police to probe individuals whose names he says were forwarded to them as prime suspects.