Stop behaving like a woman! Shanzu MCA lashes out at Senator Omar

Stop behaving like a woman! Shanzu MCA lashes out at Senator Omar

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Mombasa Senator hassan Omar (left) Shanzu MCA Maimuna Mwawasi (right). PHOTO: BARAKAFM.

Mombasa, KENYA: Shanzu MCA Maimuna Mwawasi has called upon Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar to stop having characters that are attributed to women, when it comes to solving matters concerning the county.

Speaking to journalists during a press briefing organised by a section of MCAs  to address matters concerning the county budget on Tuesday, Maimuna said Senator Omar  is always faulting the governor instead of dong his work.

“We are calling on him if he can’t perform as a Senator he should take off his trousers and put on a lesso so that he can battle it out with female MCAs,  so that we can show him his duties. It’s so sad that he keeps on misleading Mombasa residents about Hassan Joho” Said Mamuna.

MCA’s led by Finance committee chairperson Mohammed Khatimy, Tononka MCA Saad Faraj together with Maimuna, refuted claims that the county has set aside sh 390 M for the construction of the governor’s house.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar on Monday during a meeting he had organised for the Mombasa budget review, said the county budget was not tailored to meet the needs of Mombasa County.

“I saw purchase of residential which i assume is the governors residence which is provided at sh 390 Million, the economic realirty right now does not allow you to have that type of wastage, ” said Senator Omar.

The MCA’s called on Senator Omar to come forward and provide evidence showing that indeed such amount of money had been set aside for the governor’s residence.

“He should show us in our budget where it is written that sh 390 Million has been set aside for the governors residence. There is none! Let him come forward and show us! ” Said Faraj.