Lamu residents warned against cons promising them road construction jobs

Lamu residents warned against cons promising them road construction jobs

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A section of Garsen-Lamu-road. FILE/PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu residents have been warned about falling prey to a group of individuals posing as government agents; promising to have them employed as laborers when the construction of the Lamu-Garsen road starts.

Lamu county deputy commissioner Stephen Sangolo said his office had received reports of the individuals whose intention is still unknown.

Speaking in Lamu on Monday,Sangolo clarified that no government agent had been assigned to recruit those who shall be employed on the road works and warned locals that anyone claiming to be one was a con.

Sangolo urged locals to be vigilant and report any such persons to the authorities.

“The government will kick start the construction of the road very soon but in the meantime we have not assigned any one to do anything concerning work whatsoever.” Said Sangolo.

He said he was confident that the individuals were planning to dupe locals and called for vigilance.

“Be careful with people who claim to have been sent by the government to take your names promising to employ you. Alert the police when you see them so that we can have them arrested,” said Sangolo.

He also warned against those who put up structures along the road with the intention of claiming compensation.

“We are aware that some people are now putting up structures so that they can use them as bait to claim compensation. We shall not entertain any plots to dupe the government or delay work at the road site,”he said.

The national government has already issued a Sh.10.4 billion tender for the construction of the over 100KM road that has been in dilapidated state since colonial times.

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