Lamu boy child’s education in crisis as stakeholders call for attention

Lamu boy child’s education in crisis as stakeholders call for attention

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Lamu children playing by the beach. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: The education of the boy child in Lamu County seems to be in jeopardy as more focus has now been shifted towards promoting the girl child’s education.

The number of primary school boys quitting school to become casual labourers as coxswains,miraa peddlers, touts and bodaboda riders is increasing by the day.

Stakeholders of the education sector are now concerned that if measures aren’t taken to encourage the boy child to stay in school, the region may face a serious crisis as a result very soon.

Lamu Education officer James Akello said the figures are dwindling by the day and that there is need for quick interventions.

The situation is worst in Witu division with Akello stating that the gap in the ratio of boys to girls in any given public school in the area is alarmingly too wide.

“We are glad to have death with the issues that were affecting the education of our girls here.Atleast reports indicate that now girls are taking education seriously. But now there is a big problem. The boys are now proving to another issue. Many boys are quitting school to become labourers.There is need for something to be done so that that gap is completely sealed,”said Akello.

He urged parents to inculcate the culture of education in their children in order to to be able to fight the biting poverty among communities in Lamu.

Commenting on the matter,Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri stated that his office would arrest all parents and guardians whose school going children shall be found loitering, laboring or at home during school hours.

Kanyiri has also directed all chiefs in the county to start a search and arrest all parents whose children don’t attend school in their areas.

“We are alert. We not only shall ensure security but we also have a duty to ensure individuals observe the law and in this case, all parents must ensure their children get education, anything less than that is a crime and we shall have you arrested and charged for that,”said Kanyiri.

He warned those employing school boys saying their days were numbered and that a crackdown has been launched to hunt them down.

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