Munyes dares Ford Kenya leadership to declare his seat vacant

Munyes dares Ford Kenya leadership to declare his seat vacant

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Turkana senator John Munyes at a past event. He has ditched Cord for Jubilee. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA:Former Ford Kenya chair John Munyes who defected to Jubilee,  has dared his former party to declare his senatorial seat vacant.

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings in Nairobi on Friday,

Munyes downplayed any attempts by national executive council resolutions to declare his seat vacant; saying that he is ready to face any by-election.

“I cannot be intimidated with some members of Ford Kenya ,my journey in Ford Kenya started in 1995,they already think they can even threaten me that I will go for a by-election to give my senatorial seat which I think they are not informed.” Munyes said.

He insisted that the fundamental mandate of  his senatorial decision lies on Turkana people whom he represents.

He vehemently condemned what he termed as arm twisting schemes  being played to intimidate  him.

“This country is  improving in  political landscape, we should work towards amalgamating parties  because we are in the system where we have two major parties in the country ,I have supported Ford Kenya for
all these years but I have a constitutional right to work  with any body including the government .” He said.

He urged Ford Kenya  leadership to decide to join stronger parties in order to fight tribal parties and build Kenya’s democracy.

Elsewhere, Kajiado Senator  Peter Mositet backed CORD leader  Raila Odinga’s sentiments in calling  on parliament to implement the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission report; to iron out any past injustices across the country.