Lamu governor Timamy lashes at critics for calling him a defector

Lamu governor Timamy lashes at critics for calling him a defector

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Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor has lashed at  some of his political critics who have been referring to him as a party defector.

Timamy is said to have announced his defection from UDF before it emerged that the party would merge to become the Jubilee party.

The governor defended himself saying his move to join Jubilee shouldn’t be viewed as defection, since the UDF party has been within the JAP which has now formed the new Jubilee party.

During the new Jubilee party launch at Kasarani,Timamy and a number of other new defectors were conspicuously missing.

Timamy however said failure to attend the launch was because he preferred to be mysterious but that he was strongly in Jubilee and promised unwavering support with the government for the benefit of Lamu.

“I don’t like being referred to as a party defector because am not. if there are party defectors out there please let it be known that am not one of them.Let people understand that by Joining Jubilee I didn’t defect from UDF since the party has been within JAP where is the defection here?I am Jubilee but am no defector,”said Timamy.

He said his absence during the party launch at Kasarani last week wasn’t with bad intention.

A month ago,Lamu Governor and Lamu East MP Athman Shariff who were both elected on a UDF party; announced their move to Jubilee.

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