Women key in fighting violent extremism, says NCIC

Women key in fighting violent extremism, says NCIC

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Mombasa, KENYA: The National Cohesion and Integration Commission- NCIC is rolling a project targeting women to counter violent extremism.

Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday, NCIC vice chairperson Irene Wanyoike said the commission has targeted women to deal with the issue of extremism, because they have a big role to play.

“In the past women have been sidelined, and we know we cannot take them for granted anymore because they can be perpetrators, they can be enablers and they have a very strong role to play in countering this; because they have a lot of information,” she said.

Wanyoike added that women have the capacity to end violent Extremism and should not be left behind, there is need to bring them on board to deal with the menace.

The commission has planned to empower women on how to go about the issue of by holding forums in all counties; considering that there has been a lot cases of the youth being recruited by Al Shabaab.

“I urge the county government of Mombasa to set aside money and activities that target youths to deal with this issues’” said Wanyoike.

Topista Juma Mombasa County officer at the Muslim for human Rights MUHURI, said women have been left aside in matters of security, the forum will proved a platform for women to interact and know the right channels to counter Violent Extremism.

‘We will work with the Muslim and Christian Clerics, Police, Courts and probation department to spread information to women in all walks of life so that we all preach peace and bringing our children home, inauma kama kina tunaposhika ujauzito uzae mtoto wako alafu apotee kwa njia ambayo haieleweki’” she said.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission will hold the project dubbed ‘Advancing women’s Efforts in Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya’ for nine months in most affected counties in Kenya.

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