Learning in Basuba Lamu County yet to resume two years later

Learning in Basuba Lamu County yet to resume two years later

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Pupils from one of the primary schools affected as a result of terror in the region together with police officers. FILE/PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: The fate of learners in Basuba ward of Lamu East is unknown as the schools in the area remain closed two weeks after learning resumed for the third term.

The schools including Basuba,Mangai,Milimani and Mararani primary schools have remained closed for the last two years following insecurity caused by constant terror attacks from the Alshabaab militants back then.

However months on,there is still no sign of the schools re-opening despite assurances of security from the police and military.

The schools have remained deserted and unkempt as questions continue to pile on the fate of learners from the ward.

At the peak of the terror attacks in 2014 and 2015,teachers at the various schools in Basuba fled for their lives after it became apparent that the security of the area was unbecoming owing to the constant terror raids and have never returned.

Many students have been reported to have opted out of school due to the unbecoming conditions and lack of teachers while the few with the urge to get an education have to trek for kilometers to Kiunga border town to learn.

Parents are worried that the situation might deny their children and the generations to come a chance and education and have called on the county and national governments to intervene.

They appealed to the government to come up with measures and strategies that will see schools reopen in order to rescue the region’s education sector from collapse.

“Things are not good at all. Our kids can’t go to school however much they want to. There are no teachers .schools are so deserted such that some are so overgrown with bushes and thickets you can even confuse them for something else now. We want our children to get education. Its their right and the government must ensure that happens whether there are security concerns or not,”said Ware Hassan,a parent from Milimani.

The county government of Lamu has however had some of the KCPE candidates transferred to the Mokowe Arid Zone boarding primary school in Mokowe which is considered safer.

Parents however feel that is not enough since many other students have remained in their homes since the school cannot accommodate all the affected.

“We just ask that security be intensified so that our teachers can come back and teach our children,”said Hirji Abdullahi.

Lamu county Education executive Kaviha Khamis said the county government had deployed ECDE teachers to Basuba and that plans are still on to have all learners from Basuba evacuated to more secure learning locations across Lamu county before next year.

“The TSC still insists on not posting teachers to Basuba due to insecurity and since we can’t force matter, we have decided to organize for learners to be retrieved from Basuba and be distributed to other schools in other parts of Lamu so that they go on with learning,”said Kaviha.