How to make tasty Chicken Samosa

How to make tasty Chicken Samosa

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    • Ready made samosa crust- 1 pkct
    • Cooking oil- 1ltr
    • Minced Chicken- 3/4kg
    • Crushed Garlic and Ginger- 1 tblspn
    • Cumin powder-1 teaspn
    • Black pepper (optional)-1 teaspoon
    • Lemon juice-1 soup spoon
    • Mixed vegetables- 1 cup
    • 2 Chopped onions-
    • Salt 1 teaspoon

Boil the minced chicken add a pinch of salt when almost dry add ginger, garlic, cumin, black pepper, lemon juice and the chopped onions.
Let them simmer for 2 minutes under moderate heat till dry.
Then add the mixed vegetables let them cook for 1 minutes while you stir until completely mixed.
When completely dry take the samosa crust then make the samosa shapes and add fill the mixture into the crust then close.
Ensure the mixture is sealed properly into the samosa.
Heats the cooking oil in a deep fryer, when hot cook the samosas till golden brown.
When ready you serve you can serve with hot or cold beverages.