GSU deserter arrested in Mombasa “linked up” with three slain women terror...

GSU deserter arrested in Mombasa “linked up” with three slain women terror suspects

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A terror suspect whom the three terrorist woman wanted to rescue when they staged an attack at police station was a GSU officer deserter, police revealed on Monday 12th September 2016.

Mombasa, KENYA: Fresh revelations continue to unearth following Sunday morning attack at Central Police station in Mombasa, the investigative team revealed on Monday.

A terror suspect whom the three slain terrorists wanted to rescue when they staged the attack at the police station was a GSU officer deserter, police have said.

The suspect identified as Joseph Kariuki Ruoro, was reportedly based at State House Mombasa before he deserted duties on April 2016 for unknown mission, the investigative team said.

The team are now probing the suspect who was flown to Nairobi for further interrogation, if he had links with the three women who were killed.

The suspect was arrested at his girlfriend’s house in Ganjoni area -Mombasa Island on Tuesday last week and locked up at Central Police station.

The investigative team is also questioning the suspect’s whereabouts since he deserted duties in April.

It is alleged that the suspect with four others who are on the run, had plot to launch an attack during the Mombasa ASK show opening ceremony.

The team found that the suspect with others were spotted at showground on the day the president toured and even before but managed to escape the police.

His girlfriend an employee at one of the leading supermarkets in Mombasa, revealed vital information to police after she was taken in for interrogation.

His girlfriend whose name cannot be revealed due to security matters, told the police the suspect disappeared to unknown place five days before the president landed in Mombasa.

She added that she only showed up some days later..

Links with three terrorists killed.

Police are now widening their investigations to find out  if the suspect had links with the three women killed in a foiled attack at the police station.

The terror suspects TasminYakub Abdallah,Fatuma Omar Yusuf and the third one who is yet to be identified, were gunned down Sunday morning at the police station.

Later on, three suspects alleged to have harbored the women were also arrested at their residence in Kibokoni area in Old town.

Those arrested are Naima Mohammed Ahmed,Shukri Ali Haji and Saida Ali Haji.

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The suspects were taken to Bamburi police station as investigations commenced.

Police have established that Tasmin Yakub Abdallah, a slain terrorist, was a student at Qubaa high school in Majengo area Mombasa and she completed her form four last year 2015, where she scored high in KCSE.

Naima Mohammed Ahmed is a grandmother to slain Tasmin Yakub Abdallah,according to the investigators.

On Monday, investigators probing the the three suspects said they were uncooperative.

“The two don’t understand English nor Kiswahili, we had to seek another alternative, one of them remained mum and could not answer questions.” Said the officer.