Five things you didn’t know about Diamond Platinumz while on stage

Five things you didn’t know about Diamond Platinumz while on stage

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Diamond Platinumz performing during the 10th anniversary at Mama Ngina Drive on Saturday. PHOTO: STEVE MWALILI.

Mombasa city was on Saturday crowded with all sorts of people from the region, not only to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ODM party, but most important was to see two Tanzanian Stars performing.

Diamond and Ali Kiba were the topic of the day, especially among the youths who travelled as far as from South and North coast, just to see them on stage.

During his performance at Mama Ngina Drive, Diamond Platinumz also known as Chibu Dangote showed some characters that not many of his Mombasa fans knew before.

These are the five things revealed during his Mombasa concert.

1.He is a real performer who doesn’t get tired easily.

Chibu Dangote a.k.a Baba Tiffa took to the stage at around 9pm. As usual, he started with his first hit song Mbagala. Unlike many artists who normally get tired while on stage after their third or fourth song, Diamond performed for straight two hours, singing and dancing.

2.Dressing matters, changing of clothes while on stage.

Diamond was dressed in a blue and white jacket, black jeans and blue shoes when he went on stage. Though he looked smart and attractive, he had to change the clothes regularly so as to please his fans. After sometime he removed the jacket and remained with a vest, which he later changed and put on a black T-shirt.  He also changed his blue rubber shoes to silver-brown ones before the show ended.

3.Does not like any interference while on stage.

Most of the time Diamond was seen arguing with the security team who were controlling the stage.

This came about when a group of  fans, especially ladies who just  couldn’t hold on to their excitement anymore,  forced their way to the stage blocking some of the revellers from seeing the stage.  The stage became dis-organized as the security boys were unable to control it. Diamond was forced to stop the performance for some seconds and could be heard saying. “Security mnafanya kazi gani watu wamejaa kwa stage bana, mafans hawanioni, sionekani.”

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4.His team is always with him.

Whenever he goes for a concert, Diamond  is always accompanied by a group of people, his manager, Babu Tale, two bodyguards, dancers and camera people.

If you wonder why  he is followed by all these people, well each and every one of them has a role to play when their boss  is doing what he does best  on stage.

The two bodyguards dressed in black tight vests are always behind the stage watching all his steps. His manager Babu Tale controls the show by giving the artist directions on what to do at different times. Though Diamond is also a dancer, his dancing crew is there to hype up the perfomance.

And the busiest  guys are the camera people, who swing left and right to make sure that they don’t miss even a single shot duriing the show.

5.He always leaves his fans wanting more. 

Unlike other artists who may get criticized by fans while on stage by getting words like, “Toka unaboesha”, Diamond is different. Some say that he does not end the show, but stops due to time or may be to leave some space for another day. The more he performs, the more his fans want him to continue singing. He always leaves the stage just when the crowd is hyped up so as to  leave them yearning for more.