Kisauni residents raise concern over raw sewage discharge around the area

Kisauni residents raise concern over raw sewage discharge around the area

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School going children at Bamburi Nur Muslim School playing around the area where theraw sewage is. PHOTO: SAUM ATHMAN.

Mombasa, KENYA: Residents at Kidarajani area in Kisauni Constituency have raised concerns on the safety of their children  due to  the over flowing raw sewage around the area.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Thursday, Amina Bakari a food vendor in the area, said the situation is bothering them and scaring away most of their clients making business hard for them.

“Most of our clients are scared to buy from us because of the environment around us, they don’t feel safe despite the fact that we try as much as possible to maintain high standards of cleanliness,”she said.

School going children at Bamburi Nur Muslim School at the area are reportedly the most affected, as they spend their break time playing around the stinking sewage; which consists of not only dirty water but also waste matter.

“Children at this school are suffering while the leaders we elected are nowhere to seen, it saddens me to see children walk bare footed and even play in this disgusting place, but what can I do?”Said Rose Kananu a resident at the area.

Parents also said the issue gives them a lot of headache because they incur more bills, especially hospital bills.

“This week you take your child to the hospital because he has diarrhea the next week you go back to the same hospital your child has malaria, are we working for hospital bills?!” Lamented one of the parents.

Kananu further explained that the bridge along the area puts most children at risk because it’s not well secured.


The residents further said they have tried to bring in the area chief to assist in solving the issue, which up to now has not been attended to.

They also said they tried to seek help from the county directives and the area MP, but still nothing has happened.

“I have learnt that we have to beg to get our constitutional rights, we are asking the government to take care of this issue as this is affecting  our business and also our children,” said one of the residents.

During the interview, Baraka FM witnessed a pupil who had dropped a sweet in the dirty water; carefully picking it up and dusting it with her uniform, before she almost swallowed it.

She was however luckily stopped by one of the parents.

Efforts by Baraka FM to reach the Area MP to comment on the matter were in vain; after our phone calls went un answered.