Family seeks justice after baby discharged from hospital bleeds to death

Family seeks justice after baby discharged from hospital bleeds to death

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Lamu county hospital .PHOTO/FILE.

Lamu, KENYA: A family in Lamu is seeking justice after their seven month old baby died mysteriously shortly after he was removed from an incubator at the Lamu County Hospital.

The family of Ali Athman said they suspect that the baby was burnt while inside the incubator since he had burn marks.

He said despite the bad condition the baby was in,nurses at the facility removed him from the incubator and handed him over to his parents.

Speaking at his home in Kashmir village in Lamu on Wednesday,Athman said he was confident that his baby passed on due to the negligence of staff at the hospital.

At the time the premature baby was removed from the incubator,he is said to have been oozing blood from all orifices including the mouth and nose.

“The baby had been fine after he was delivered and placed in the incubator. However on that day I went and found the baby bleeding from the mouth and nose.” Said Athman.

He said  despite the visibly bad condition of the baby,the facility allowed the enraged parents to take away the infant who died two days later at his home.

Athman added that his efforts to seek clarifications on the situation of his baby from the concerned nurse were met with hostility; as the nurse hurled insults and scolded him.

“His body had what resembles burn marks in some places.We tried to speak to the nurse at the nursery but she insulted us.We then went home with him but he died two days later,”said Athman.

Commenting on the matter,Lamu County Executive for Health Mohamed Kombo denied the negligence claims and insisted that all incubators and machines at the nursery section at the hospital were fully functional.

Kombo said bleeding was due to the fact that the premature baby’s vital organs were yet to fully form and not due to being placed in an unregulated incubator.

He said the baby was discharged upon the insistence of the parents who believed the doctors were not doing enough.

Kombo however acknowledged that there were nurses who had been reported to be harsh towards patients at the facility and that investigations were on to ensure such individuals are warned.

“The baby’s stomach walls had issues due to him being born premature. Anytime he was fed,he would bleed. That’s not because of the incubator;the machines at okay.I however agree that there is one particular nurse who spoke rudely to the parents and we shall ensure that doesn’t happen again,” said Kombo.

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