Widow visited by President Uhuru to get new modern house plus...

Widow visited by President Uhuru to get new modern house plus school fees for daughter

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Kahonzi Ponda (left) Zawadi (center) and Eric Ponda (right) outside the family house which president Uhuru visited. PHOTO: GRACE MITHAMO.

Kilifi, KENYA: A 57-year-old widow who received President Uhuru Kenyatta in her Makuti thatched mud house on his surprise visit on Saturday, will now enjoy a new modern house as per the president’s promise.

Kahonzi Ponda, a mother of 7 who earns her living by cultivating her neighbors’ land in exchange of a few shillings; will also have her daughter who is in form 2 in a local secondary school, taken through her education free of charge.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his tour in Kilifi, visited her home area to launch “last mile connectivity project” which will see majority of Kenyans get connected to power regardless of their income.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Tuesday, the smiling Kahonzi, narrated what it felt like to sit next to the president and the privilege to have shaken his hand.

“You don’t know how it felt like to have him in my humble house and to have him sit next to me in this stool next to the fire place. I dint have power. I was using “koroboi” and we used to cry a lot due to the smoke from the “koroboi”. Its really a miracle.” she said.

President Uhuru during his visit at the family's house on Saturday last week.
President Uhuru during his visit at the family’s house on Saturday last week.

“I lost my husband years back and since then i have been encountering challenges after challenges especially raising 7 kids by myself. I’m happy that he has taken upon himself to pay my daughter’s education and much more building me a modern house. I don’t have enough words to thank him.” She added.

Her son Eric Ponda, termed President Uhuru Kenyatta as a down to earth person who didn’t care about their stinking poverty as many would, but decided to surprise them with lots of goods which have since changed their lives.

“I was amazed by his gesture. He chose to visit our home regardless of our poverty. He even sat by the fire place and he didn’t mind the soot or the smoke that was coming from the firewood. Ever since the president stepped his feet in our compound things have really changed.” Said Eric.

Zawadi Ponda, a form 2 student at Mnarani secondary could not hide her joy as she narrated how her education journey has been a difficult one.

She revealed that the president’s assistance came in at the best time.

“I have been in and the out of the class. Sometimes I’m forced to spend the whole time at home due to lack of school fees. I thank God that will never happen again thanks to our president’s generosity. I used to study until 9pm due to smoke from “koroboi” that was hurting my eyes but since president has connected our 7 houses with power i will be extending up to 10.” Said Zawadi