Four Tanzanian fishermen drown after boat capsizes

Four Tanzanian fishermen drown after boat capsizes

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Kwale, KENYA: Four Tanzanian Fishermen died at Gazi Bay after their boat capsized near Chale Island, Kwale County.

The four were among 16 whose boat was hit by a heavy storm on Monday night where 12 managed to swim and were rescued.

The fishermen are said to be  from Pemba  and are usually employed by locals due to their fishing experience.

According to the survivors, the incident occurred at around 7pm.

Omar Faki one of the fishermen, said that there were strong tides that forced them to dock near  Chale Island.

“The nets then fell and trapped the engine and stopped the propellers, we then cut the docking ropes to try and see if we could save ourselves. Unfortunately, the boat overturned and we decided to swim to the shore but others drowned,” he said.

The area Chief, Ali Riga, said that they could have done little last night but they were able to retrieve all bodies.

“In the morning we mobilized local fishermen who went to the deep seas to retrieve the bodies,” he said.

Mr. Riga said the Fishermen from Pemba are operating in the area as per the law and they are dully registered by the government.

According to Gazi Bay Beach Management Unit (BMU) Said Juma, fishing activities by the foreign fishermen boosts the economy of the area because they get fish in large quantities.

According to the  Pemba fishermen, fishing in the Kenyan waters is better than in Tanzania.

“Fishing here is much better than back home because there are lower tides and we get more fish,” said Sheheni Hamadi.

Athman Simba, one of the local fishermen who went to retrieve the bodies, said that they found the bodies at  the shores of the Indian ocean; with the first two not being too far apart.

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