Did you know you can get paid just to party in Mombasa?...

Did you know you can get paid just to party in Mombasa? Find out!

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Have you ever imagined that you can earn a monthly salary just by partying Monday to Monday? Well there is a club in Mombasa that has a job opening for exactly that!

Club Hypnotica in Mombasa will this Saturday  be having auditions for hostesses at the club; who will be paid to party on a monthly salary.

In an interview with Baraka FM on Tuesday, Club Hypnotica Marketing Manager Daisy Wanzala said they are doing this so as to help create job opportunities.

“We want to help create job opportunities as you are aware we have celebrities who are being paid to party the likes of the Kardashians, huddah etc and so why cant just a regular person enjoy this opportunity?”Posed Daisy.

Daisy added that this Saturday they will be hosting auditions at the club located at Naivas Nyali Centre.

“On Saturday we will pick 24 girls then on Sunday we will shortlist them to 12 girls who will be employed on a contract basis with a monthly salary.” added Daisy.

According to the clubs management, this a descent job as it strictly involves customer care and trashiness is not encouraged.

So if you know you are Classy, Sexy, Hot, Fluent in English and above 22 years old; make sure you carry your 6 inch heels, put on a well fitting dress that looks elegant in a party mood and make your way to club Hypnotica this Saturday 10th August at 2pm  for the auditions.
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