Courts sets free three elderly men charged for trespassing Senator Mbura’s...

Courts sets free three elderly men charged for trespassing Senator Mbura’s land

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Nominated Senator Emmah Mbura hugs with one of the elderly men who had been arrested for trespassing,outside Mariakani Law courts on Friday morning. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: Three elderly men who had appeared before a Mariakani court for trespassing Nominated  Senator Emma Mbura’s land, were set free this is after their charges were dropped by the complainant.

Shikari Pembe,Karisa Kahindi and  Katana Chandi Mwaduma on Friday appeared before Resident Magistrate L.K  Gatheru to answer the charges of trespassing.

The court heard that on 17th May 2016, the three cut Senetor Mbura’s fence at Tsanga Tsini village in Kilifi county, allowing their livestock to destroy 25 acres of Maize plantation worth 1.3 million.

“I got a report from my foreman that they had allowed their livestock trespass my land and I even went to witness what had happened and so I decided to report the case to the chief.” Senator Emma told the court.

The three were set free; this is after Senator Mbura told the court that she has decided to forgive them and has decided to drop the charges.

Speaking to the press outside the court, Senator Mbura said she had decided to take them to court to act as a lesson to other people that the law must be respected.

“This will act as a lesson to residents here that Kenya has laws that must be followed by everyone, I forgave them because these are my elders and I know they were being used by leaders so as to play politics.” Said Mbura.

Earlier on, the elderly men had staged a demonstration allegedly organised by local politicians to have the nominated senator release their detained livestock.

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Mbura added that she was going to buy the old men in the village radios, so that they can be informed of what is happening;as ignorance is no defense when it comes to the law.

“I am going to buy them radios so that they will be able to learn about the different laws governing the country. We have forgiven each other and as from today we will sit together to find way forward.” Added Mbura.

Katana Chandi one of the elders who was set free, said that he was happy that the matter has been solved and they looked forward to getting their livestock.

“I am happy that this has happened and I am looking forward to get my livestock and there is no need to bring any conflicts we will sit with other elders to bring about reconciliation.” said Chandi.