Muturi welcomes proposals on investigators invoved in parliamentary committees’ probe

Muturi welcomes proposals on investigators invoved in parliamentary committees’ probe

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11th National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi. PHOTO:FILE.

Nairobi, KENYA: Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi on Thursday welcomed proposals in the Kenyan chapter to have directorate of criminal investigation involved in some of the parliamentary committees’ probe.

Speaking after closing summit of parliamentary accounts committees from African countries Afro pac in Nairobi ,Muturi said that he welcomes such proposals because they have been applied successfully in some countries.

“In Uganda when witnesses are giving testimony should a committee feel that aparticular witness has been named adversely needs to be further investigated ,instructions are issued on the spot and there is nothing that bars us from doing that ,as far as I am concerned I think is a good thing.”Muturi said.

He said that harnessing parliamentary committees such as parliamentary accounts committee and parliamentary investment committee with dci officers overseeing further probe of witness whom the committees feel that should be probed, will be fundamental in fastracking investigations thus completing the reports in time.

He downplayed allegations that parliament is not prioritizing parliamentary committees reports,  saying that parliament has been pressured to beat the deadlines of constitutional bills before the house.

He urged parliamentary accounts committees across Africa to cooperate with offices of auditor general to oversee comprehensive investigation of public accounts to uphold accountability in the public sector.

Early this week ,Opposition chief Raila Odinga blast parliamentary accounts and investment committees for failing to curb corruption in public sector in course of their duty.