Family seeks justice after son was accidentally shot by police in Lamu

Family seeks justice after son was accidentally shot by police in Lamu

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Lamu, KENYA: A family in Lamu’s Kiwayu village is seeking justice after their son was shot and fatally wounded by a police officer a year ago.

The family of 22 year old Mohamed Omar who was then a fisherman, want the government to compensate them for the injuries sustained by their son whom they say is now currently incapacitated and is unable to do many things that normal people do.

Omar was shot in the back by a police officer from the Ndau Police post on June 19 2015, in a near death experience leaving him with a lifelong scar that would render him helpless.

His is believed to be a case of mistaken identity when police officers came looking for him,Omar is said to have attempted to flee from police forcing them to shoot him in the back.

The bullet ripped through his back and out of his stomach nearly killing him.

His father Omar Mwalimu speaking to Baraka Fm on Thursday, said the family had spent a fortune trying to save their son’s life who was admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital for more than a month.

Mwalimu however says he wants the police and the government to explain why they shot his son.

Mwalimu says he has walked into many government offices seeking justice for his son but that it has been evasive.

“I have spent more than Sh.500,000 on medical bills for my son following and injury am yet to understand why it was inflicted in the first place.No one seems to care that my son was shot by a police officer who still goes around free.I want to know why he was shot.I deserve to know,”said Mwalimu.

The incident has also rendered Omar impotent and has now forced him to live an isolated and lonely life after his young wife took off shortly after the revelation.

“I am so scared whenever I move around.The psychological torture is just too much.My body no longer functions normally.I can’t eat normal food like other people.My food has to always be in ,liquid form.They know the police officer shot me by accident and they should pay me for that mistake.Its funny how the same officer keeps asking why am not dead whenever we meet,”said Omar.

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