Police launch crackdown on Matatus having blaring horns and large tyres

Police launch crackdown on Matatus having blaring horns and large tyres

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Some of the matatus in Mombasa. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Traffic police in Mombasa have a launched a major crack down on matatus in Mombasa that have blaring horns, those playing loud music and those that break other traffic laws

Speaking to Baraka FM at his office, Coast Regional Traffic Commander Emmanuel Okanda said the crackdown is from the national level but Mombasa has issues that require special attention.

‘When I arrived here (Mombasa) I had a meeting with matatu Sacco officials and we agreed that they will ensure that their clients abide to all laws of the traffic’ , he said.

During the meeting, Okanda added that they all agreed that all public vehicles with large tyres, blaring horns and blinking lights should be removed.

“The sacco managers requested for time to ensure their clients have time and money to make the necessary changes, I gave them time but till today I could still see cars with all the things against the law,” he added.

Matatu operators were taken by surprise on Thursday when traffic officers stopped and checked all the necessities required for them to delivers services to public.

“Matatu operation is a very hard job, so when a car is pimped with lights, big tyres and screens it makes our work easier because our customers like such kind of rides,” said a matatu operator.

Okandi further added that the operators cannot control the content aired on the screen therefore making it  un comfortable for so many passengers.

“I want to rid out all this menace, why allow a person to go against the rules and regulations in the name of making profit, we need to have a level playground for all public vehicles owners’, he said.

This also comes after a photo of one matatu allegedly playing pornographic videos with children on board, surfaced online earlier this week in Mombasa, raising a public outcry by parents.