Fishermen narrowly escape death in Indian Ocean boat tragedy

Fishermen narrowly escape death in Indian Ocean boat tragedy

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Kilifi, KENYA: Ten fishermen narrowly escaped death  after their boat capsized on Indian Ocean while they were fishing in the early hours of Thursday.

Speaking to Baraka FM  on phone, the area’s Beach Management Unit chairman Swaleh Basadiq,said the ten had finished their work and were on their way back to the shore when the catastrophe occurred.

“They had already finished fishing and were on their way out when a strong wave splashed them and toppled their fishing boat,We got an alarm from one them immediately the misfortune occurred,” said Basadiq.

The fishermen reportedly tried to save their lives using all means and were it not for the arrival of the Coast Sea Survival, a unit trained in sea rescue, they would never have made it alive.

Basadiq confirmed that they are currently recuperating, but warned fishermen and the public to be cautious when going to sea whether to fish or swim.

“This season is not good for swimming or fishing in the ocean, as there is a lot of wind, so I would urge all users of the sea to be watchful,” said Basadiq.

Cases of fishermen drowning have been reported more often in Kilifi County, where the BMUs have reportedly tried to convince the county government to provide them with a rescue boat.

The BMUs added that the ones that were provided to them earlier, are said not to be ideal for rescue as they are too small.

Earlier this year County Executive in charge of Fisheries in Kilifi county government Mwalimu Menza, said his department would put aside some funds to procure big rescue boats in this year’s financial year.

“We know fishing is one of the biggest economic activity for our people in Kilifi, and as a result we have set aside some funds to buy big rescue boats for our people.” Said Mwalimu Menza.

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