Commercial sex workers to be flushed out of Mombasa

Commercial sex workers to be flushed out of Mombasa

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Mombasa, KENYA:Mombasa County Assembly on Tuesday adopted a motion that seeks to remove commercial sex workers within Mombasa County.

According to Tononoka ward MCA Saad Faraj who tabled the motion before the house, youth that engage in prostitution are doing sodue to lack of employability skills and employment.

He therefore urged that the County Government through the Department of Youth, Gender and Sports in conjuction with the Department of Inspectorate, to put up measures to remove the commercial sex workers from the streets of Mombasa and provide them with counseling.

“I urge this assembly to resolve that the commercial sex workers be removed and be rehabilitated by providing them with technical skills and assisting them in securing gainful employment,” said Faraj.

Faraj noted that the move is there to preserve Mombasa County as it is a tourist hub and a metropolitan city that attracts many investors and people.

He further said Mombasa is a religious town with a majority of its residents professing the Islamic and Christian faith, therefore vices like prostitution are against both culture of the indigenous Mombasa residents and a form of public nuisance.

“Mombasa is a place that upholds moral standards and a religious county. We don’t want our young ones to emulate this ‘business’ as it is against our norms and values.” added Faraj.

However, nominated MP Mary Akinyi oppsed the motion saying that it is against the rights of those doing the business noting that most of them take care of there families through prostitution.

“It is going to deprive them of there rights as they earn a living through that business,” said Akinyi.

The motion is now waiting to be implemented after the house adopted it.