Local NGO wants government to ban use of Miraa (Khat)

Local NGO wants government to ban use of Miraa (Khat)

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Mombasa, KENYA: A non governmental organisation in Mombasa is urging the government to completely ban the use of Miraa (khat) ;as a way of reducing cases of indiscipline among students.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Friday, HAKI AFRICA programme officer Francis Auma said that Miraa is easily and readily available at a cheaper price hence prompting many students and youths to use the drug.

According to Auma, it should be classified as a drug that has adverse effects to the user. He pointed out that NACADA as an authority listed Miraa as a drug therefore it should be banned completely.

He further said that the use of such drugs like bhang and miraa has contributed to insecurity in the society as victims are most of the time under the influence of these drugs.

“Most of these people who abuse drugs are the ones disrupting peace and causing security threats in our societies,”  he said.

The NGO has also linked the recent wave of arson in schools to drug abuse by students.

Auma said that through their legal department, the organisation is going to write to the office of the president together with parliament, so that they can push for quick banning of  Miraa .