Lamu residents ask NEMA for more time to analyze report on proposed...

Lamu residents ask NEMA for more time to analyze report on proposed coal plant

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Part of Lamu Island. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu leaders and locals have asked for more time to enable them analyze carefully an environmental report by NEMA concerning feasibility of the proposed coal plant project that is set to be put up in the region.

Early this month,the environmental body issued a 30 day notice within which Lamu residents are to analyze the report and forward any complaints and queries they had of the project to the required offices.

Residents now say the allocated 30 day period is too short for them to go through the report and submit any recommendations.

They now want the period expended to at least 90 days which comes to about three months.

Speaking in Lamu on Wednesday,Lamu Women rep Shakilla Abdalla said there was need for locals and leaders to be granted adequate time to go through the report and make necessary inquiries where possible in order to fully understand the impact of the contents and their decision thereafter.

Shakilla said she had already written to the Environment CS Judy Wakhungu seeking the extension of the time limit in order to enable them bring in environmental experts to help them interpret the report.

“I have personally written to Environment CS over this and personally submitted that letter.such a report requires adequate time to read ,interpret, understand and thereafter decide on the next move.We are seeking for a 90 day period for that so that we don’t make any hasty decisions that might cost us,”said Shakilla.

Locals feel there is need for the government to follow all guidelines pertaining the establishment of environment-sensitive projects in the county in order to avert any perceived crisis.

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“Up to now some of still have no clue what the coal project is about.we just hear a lot of fuss about it and so telling us to read a report on the same in 30 days is more like you don’t really want us to know what’s happening and that’s unfair.we need time to grasp this,”said Nadhif Athman.

This comes just days after a Chinese company PowerChina awarded the tender for the coal plant announced its intention to hire 1400 Chinese as workforce.

Lamu residents are however not amused with the announcement and insisted that there was need for Lamu locals to be given the first priority for that.

The Sh.200 Billion project is by the Kenyan Amu Power Company.