Senator Chiaba urges political leaders in Lamu to join forces ahead of...

Senator Chiaba urges political leaders in Lamu to join forces ahead of 2017

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Lamu Governor Issah Timamy (right) and Senator Abu Chiaba during a press conference. FILE PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu senator Abu Chiaba has called on all politicians and leaders in the county to unite and preach peace and cohesion as the political campaigns for the 2017 general elections begin to pick pace.

Speaking in Lamu on Monday,Chiaba who has declared his intention to step out of the political arena once his tenure ends, has also urged Lamu politicians to collectively join one political alliance in order to ensure unity of the people of Lamu.

Chiaba welcomed the recent announcement by Governor Issa Timamy to join the Jubilee alliance and said it was a worthy move that would benefit the county.

The senator called on other politicians in the county to follow in Timamy’s footsteps to cross over and join Jubilee.

Chiba who was elected on a TNA ticket, said the door was still open for any leader or politician who was interested in joining forces with Jubilee since the alliance was people oriented.

“The time has come for Lamu leaders to belong to one political side so that we can bring more development at home.The governor did well.He was long overdue.I pray that the rest of politicians in Lamu will do the same,”said Timamy.

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The senator urged locals to be vigilant and only vote in leaders with great and realistic visions for Lamu.