Gazi primary school in Kwale receives text books donation worth sh.150,000

Gazi primary school in Kwale receives text books donation worth sh.150,000

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Kwale, KENYA: Gazi primary school has received text books donation worth sh.150,000 from a community project named Mikoko Pmoja, in a bid to boost education in the area.

The Mikoko Pamoja project is involved in the planting and maintaining Mangrooves along the coastline which consumes carbon 5 times more than any other terrestrial trees, all in the efforts of combating global warming.

In turn the community is paid for the carbon stored by the mangroves annually where 32% of the proceeds are used for community projects in the area.

The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute Mangroove research coordinator Dr. James Kairu said that Mangroove and any other local resources should be used to help the community and uplift their living standards.

“We want to create awareness for the community and show them how the resources that surround them can move them from poverty,” he said.

Kwale County Committee member in charge of education Chiforomodo Mangale said that the initiative will bring good results in the education sector.

He took the opportunity to condemn the current wave of school unrest, calling for discipline among students.

His sentiments were echoed by Msambweni sub-county KNUT secretary Bashir Kilalo who said that discipline starts at home urging parents to make sure they instill discipline to avoid having rogue students.

The area education officer Mohammed Simba said the books are an important tool that will enable pupils perform better.