Kwale residents reject investor’s bid to build a crematorium in the area

Kwale residents reject investor’s bid to build a crematorium in the area

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Kwale, KENYA: Bongwe Gombato residents in Kwale county have rejected an investors move of constructing a crematorium in the area, saying its against their traditions and religious believes.

The investor George Barbor in a meeting with the residents on Monday, explained on the benefits of the facility but the residents unanimously declined to have the facility in the area.

Barbor said that the facility will boost tourism in the area since most of the foreigners cremate their loved ones.

“Diani is fast growing multi cultural destination and if we don’t have this facility now, in future we will have one.” He said.

He gave an example of Abu Dhabi which is a Muslim nation in the Middle East but has crematoriums.

The chairman of the National Council of Imams and Scholars Sheikh Amir Banda said that Kenya and Abu Dhabi are two different nations with different settings and therefore no similarity should be drawn.

“We want to tell Barbor, don’t compare us with Abu Dhabi, they are rich we are poor they are Arabs and we are Africans.” he said.

The area Chief Ali Mwakubo said that Barbor should listen to the residents and respect their traditions.

“Barbor says that we should respect other cultures, has he respected ours first?if you go to Rome you must do as Romans do!” said Mwakubo.

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South Coast Residents Association Chairperson Lucciana Parrazzi said they don’t support the building of a crematorium, because the area is predominantly a Muslim area and their wish must be respected.

The residents expressed fears that even people who are alive might be cremated in the facility.