Traders in Marikiti Mombasa decry lack of toilets

Traders in Marikiti Mombasa decry lack of toilets

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Marikiti Market in Mombasa. PHOTO: BARAKA FM.

Mombasa, KENYA: Traders at the Marikiti market in Mombasa’s CBD that has been operating since colonial days, have said lack of toilets in the market is affecting their business.

The business people told Baraka FM that they have been operating without toilets; which according to them is a basic need for everyone.

Marikiti secretary Mahmud Abdalah on Friday said  it has been a great embarrassment for him and fellow businessmen to operate in the market serving customers who are forced to pay for private toilets.

“It does not really portray a good picture a big market like this to have no toilets at all. We need toilets that will boost the hygiene of the market.’says Mahmud.

Mahmud added that sometimes a customer is served with unclean hands and this is bad for their health.

They urged the Mombasa county government to budget for the construction of toilets as the market is about to be renovated.

Mombasa county Health executive Mohammed Omar on the other hand said that they have been trying to get the traders to vacate the place for renovation, but this has not been possible.

“Unless they decide to vacate from there then we shall do the full renovation plus build for them the toilets.” Said Mohamed Omar.