Over 20 million Kenyans on social media as world marks Social Media...

Over 20 million Kenyans on social media as world marks Social Media Day 2016

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Mombasa, KENYA: Kenyans joined the rest of the world on Thursday 30th June in celebrating  Social Media Day 2016 with this year’s theme being Freedom and Responsibility.

A recent research shows that there are more than 20 Million social media users in Kenya.

With the global smartphone market expected to reach 2 billion in 2019, many people in Kenya are said to easily access social media platforms using their phones.

Over the years or rather since its invention, Facebook has dominated social media followed by Instagram then twitter.

Another platform gaining popularity in Kenya is Snapchat, which has recently been on the rise challenging both Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook has more than 5 billion users and has now seen many users use it as a commerce platform, with many business owning accounts and advertising through the same sites.

Twitter on the hand has the famous Kenyans on twitter #KOT, that are famous for telling off countries and people that talk ill of Kenya or prominent people;  by creating trending hashtags.

Instagram a site where communication is through pictures, has seen people share their photos showing of their lifestyles.

Online communication is regulated in Kenya by the Communication Authority of Kenya. Content filtering and blocking is however not active in Kenya and access to social networking platforms is not restricted.

Cases of suspended Twitter accounts,have however been there and other accounts have been said to be targeted for removal; after criticizing and publishing defamatory statement against the government and government officials.

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Blogging in Kenya has also been on the rise with blogs being used as a feasible platform for making money through advertising.