Parents shut down school in Kwale after accusing principal of being...

Parents shut down school in Kwale after accusing principal of being corrupt

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One of the parents locking one of the school doors with a padlock. PHOTO: LAWRENCE SITA.

Kwale, KENYA: Students of Mwamgunga primary school in Tsimba golini ward, Matuga Kwale county, were forced to go home after parents invaded and shut the principal’s office following corruption allegations.

The school principal Mr Emmanuel Mweruphe is accused of running the school without involving the board of school management, including his fellow staff in issues involving money.

The head teacher is also accused of the schools failure in various internal and national examination results despite him being a science teacher, allegations that he denied in a phone call with journalists.

Speaking to journalists during the protest Mr. Said Juma Zani, the parent’s spokes person, said the head teacher has failed the school in achieving its target; as he accused him of being less concerned about the education issue in the school.

“This teacher is much more concerned with withdrawing and spending money, he is less concerned of how our children are performing in this school.” Said Zani.

The head teacher is said to have been in conflict with his deputy since he has never wanted to be questioned about accountability.

The school deputy head teacher said the principal has been accusing him of theft cases yet he (the principal) is believed to have performed them by himself.

“He has been accusing of stealing school property, I may not have powers of  removing him from authority but to be sincere he has not been involving me in the management issues and money expenditure.” Said the deputy principal with tears rolling down his cheeks.

The school is said to have been facing various management issues with the current one being the worst.

The government education department in the county is also being blamed for not providing solutions to the reports submitted to them concerning poor school management and cash squandering.

Mwamgunga primary  school is said to have performed poorly in the recent zonal examinations, with poor management being the core reason.

The school chairman said for the school to continue well, the management should be changed.

Parents are said to have been transferring their children to Kwale primary just a few miles from Mwamguga, where performance is said to be good.

The area chief Mr. Said Mwakafani Tsozi remarked that Mr. Mweruphe should not come back to the school as parents and other staff have rejected him.

“ Am wondering how this teacher should remain serving this school, if he can sell school properties without being accountable of the cash, he should go,” the chief added.

The school shall be under the deputy head teachers management when the student report back, after an agreement flanked by the parents and the county education office on removal of the head teacher.

The parents are waiting for a report and way forward on how the issue is going to end up.

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Various schools in Kwale county have been reported to have been facing poor management cases causing strike among students the since last year.