Mombasa county commissioner joins hands with Imams to fight terror in the...

Mombasa county commissioner joins hands with Imams to fight terror in the region

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Mombasa County Commissioner Maalim Mohamed. PHOTO: FILE.

Mombasa, KENYA: Imams and council of Muslims can work harder to prevent young people from joining terrorism and extremism,security authorities have said.

During a meeting with Imams and preachers of Kenya on Monday, Mombasa County Commissioner Mohammed Malim told leaders they must stand together to fight terrorism.

“This is our country and we must say no to terrorism activities,we must stand and fight by all means,” Said Malim.

Imams from all six sub-counties kisauni,likoni,Changamwe,Jomvu,Highland,and Nyali attended the meeting held at Sonara hall.

“Security is a collective responsibility, give us information. Mombasa used to be peacfull town but today it has changed. We have heard a case in fort-jesus that a tourist was shot,”  addedMaalim.

The county commissioner asked the Imams and Muslim leaders not to be coward by suspected terrorists whose motive is to kill.

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He told them to speak out of terrorism activities without fearing anyone.

Mr Maalim said sheikh Idris was killed because he was vocal on radicalization and extremism. He said some have been warned by the suspected terrorists after speaking on ways to end radicalization.

“You as Imam preaching in the mosque don’t hesitate to speak on effects of radicalization on our youths. Give them advice,” said Mr Maalim.

The county commissioner noted that some of the youths were being recruited in some of the mosques to join Al shabaab terror group.

He urged all leaders to be on the lookout and fight terrorism.

CIPK organizing secretary Mohammed Khalifa said they will visit all schools both primary and secondary schools in coast region to educate youth on effects of terrorism and radicalization.

Mr. Khalifa said the main agenda was to fight drug menace, extremism among youth as Mombasa was the most affected compared to other counties.

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The project will run for 18 months and positive changes are expected,added Mr. Khalifa.