False alarm as KDF drill is mistaken for an attack in Lamu

False alarm as KDF drill is mistaken for an attack in Lamu

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KDF soldiers during an operation in Hindi, Lamu County. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Hundreds of Bodhei junction residents in Basuba ward on Saturday night spent the night in the forest after rumors of a terror attack at the Bodhei KDF and KWS camps went round.

The residents are said to have heard loud gunshots and explosions from the two camps at around 9pm on Saturday creating the illusion of a possible attack.

Residents said they were forced to flee to the safety of bushes and forests following the loud explosions for fear of an Alshabaab attack as previously witnessed in numerous parts of the ward.

However speaking in Lamu on Sunday,KWS county commander Charles Omondi said the gunshots were from a routine drill that was being conducted by KDF,KWS and US military at the two camps.

He said locals had misunderstood the drill for an attack and hence the ensuing tension but said there was no cause for alarm.

“It true there were gunshots and all manner of explosions from the weapons that were being tested b y the soldiers in the usual rouitine drill.We apologize for any tension caused but people should relax as there is nothing to worry about.We shall be sure to notify locals of similar exercises in future so that people don’t get scared off,”said Omondi.

The KDF spokesperson David Obonyo also assured that there was no attack as earlier thought.

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On June 16 last year,a bullet mistakenly fired in the air by a security officer on patrol in Hindi also sent locals scampering for safety in bushes.