Perform or quit! Mombasa County Commissioner tells chiefs in the area

Perform or quit! Mombasa County Commissioner tells chiefs in the area

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Mombasa County Commissioner Maalim Mohamed. PHOTO: FILE.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa county commissioner Mohammed Maalim has put on notice chiefs and their assistants, especially in areas where the criminal gangs of wakali kwanza and wakali wao are terrorizing residents, that they will be held accountable.

The county commissioner on Friday after meeting over 200 chiefs and their assistants in Mombasa county disclosed that each an every chief will be held accountable instead of blaming the entire security team.

“Who are this wakali kwanza,wakali wao! We are the government,are we not existing? Why are they terrorizing innocent Kenyans? Where are they living? They live in the community,” said the Furious Maalim.

“If you cannot act within law there is no need to be in this uniform.are we together? Yours is to forward us information not to jump up and down mentioning alshabaab!,” Mr Maalim added.

The county commissioner noted that the performance for each chief will be evaluated.

He said within a span of every three months the county security committee will be briefing the Internal Ministry on the crime rate in the county.

He added that school drop out children in primary and secondary schools were the major contributors to crime rate in the county.

He said chiefs must be on the forefront to make sure all children who are at age of going to school are in school.

He said dropouts are easily lured to join terror gangs.

“I was appalled by the recent report that the transition rate from the secondary to university is 25 percent when other kenyans are talking of 80 percent plus,” said Mr Maalim.

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Any parent who is not taking his child to school deal with them according to the law,the county commissioner asked chiefs.