Lamu religious leaders to submit congregation information to security agents

Lamu religious leaders to submit congregation information to security agents

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A picture of Church and mosque. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Religious leaders in Lamu have been asked to keep a keen eye on their worshipers in order to detect criminals hiding among them.

Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said the leaders both Muslims and Christians will now be required to record all information concerning their congregation as one measure of combating crime that stems from such places.

Speaking in his Lamu office on Wednesday,Kanyiri said there is need for the clergy to be careful with new entrants and converts and have then probed to ensure their intentions are pure before they are allowed to join the places of worship.

Kanyiri has also ordered hotel, restaurant and bar owners in Lamu to ensure all those coming to such premises undergo thorough checks.

He also said there is need for such premises to keep an up to date record of all visitors coming into their places.

Kanyiri said criminals have devised a technique where they hide among worshipers and in hotels and restaurants where they pose as innocent clients.

“They will come and act like normal hotel clients but leave a trail of horrible happenings once they leave.We must be careful with such visitors and clients.We suspect some international criminals are posing as innocent congregants in places of worship.Lets all keep our eyes open and be very keen with every detail,” said Kanyiri.

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Kanyiri said adequate security personnel had been deployed all over the county in order to help reinforce the new directives.

“Every person coming to Lamu must know that they have to go through mandatory security checks on the way and also when they get here and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.The security of this place is our biggest priority and we can’t afford to give anything to chance,” said Kanyiri.

He said all those travelling to Lamu must arm themselves with all necessary legal documentation including ID cards and Visa.