Mpeketoni Boys students burn down school building due to Euro football match

Mpeketoni Boys students burn down school building due to Euro football match

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The workshop building of Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School in Lamu that was burnt down. PHOTO: PRAXIDES CHETI.

Lamu, KENYA: The Mpeketoni Boys secondary school has been closed down after students went on rampage Tuesday night.

The over 600 students were sent packing by the administration after the riots became unbearable.

The students torched the school workshop and also damaged the school computer lab, store and exam room in the course of the protests.

The cause of the riots has still not been discovered but staff at the school who were present when the riots began, said the students were furious after a teacher made them stop watching a football match.

The match was between Croatia and Spain and so the students refused to leave the TV hall and instead resorted destroying school property.

The administration is yet to ascertain the exact amount of damage caused by the students.

Police officers were however called in on time to quell the situation after students began pelting the boarding master’s house with stones.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday,Lamu Education officer Josphat Ngumi said the students were sent away in order to minimize on damage caused.

Ngumi said they are still trying to establish the real cause of the riots.

The students are also said to have rioted two weeks ago protesting against the sternness of the Deputy principal Makoti Salim who subsequently transferred.

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Speculation also has it that the students were trying to avoid sitting for their end of second term exams that are due next week.

Two weeks ago,the Lamu Boys secondary school was also closed down and students sent on suspension for rioting.

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“We had to transfer the deputy principal and now this. We are finding out what the real issue is then we shall know how to go about it,”said Ngumi.