Two blood stained t-shirts recovered in connection to chief’s murder in Lamu

Two blood stained t-shirts recovered in connection to chief’s murder in Lamu

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Lamu, KENYA: Police in Lamu have recovered two bloodstained T-shirts believed to have been used by individuals who murdered Mbwajumwali chief Mohamed Shee a week ago.

Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said the T-shirts were recovered in a house belonging to one of the six suspects arrested in connection with the murder last week.

The suspect Abuyadh Athman is said to have hidden the stained clothing in her house shortly after she connived with five others Abdi Ali,Bwanadi Omar,Idris Omar,Mustakim Mohamed and Salim Mohamed to murder the chief as he headed to his office in the morning.

The T-shirts were found by police who were conducting a house-to-house search in Mbwajumwali that was mounted immediately the chief’s body was recovered.

Kanyiri has appealed to locals to cooperate with police and help identify more killers and have them face the law.

“We have recovered two T-shirts that are bloodstained from one of the suspects’ house.We believe they were worn by suspects when the murdered the chief.We are still investigating but we are confident we shall arrest more suspects and deliver justice,” said Kanyiri.

Kanyiri also warned against carrying of weapons and in this case pangas,machetes and knives in public since its illegal and that police had been directed to arrest those found and have them charged for harboring harmful intentions.

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He said an operation shall soon be launched to crackdown on individuals who walk around armed with such weapons in public in Lamu.

“I have observed that many young people here love to walk around with machetes and pangas and knives for no reason.we cant allow that and that means if we find you we have you arrested and charged,”said Kanyiri.

He also warned locals against taking the law into their own hands.