Residents living around Boni forest ordered to vacate the area

Residents living around Boni forest ordered to vacate the area

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Boni residents at a previous function. PHOTO/FILE

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu county residents living around Boni Forest have been ordered to vacate the area immediately so as to pave way for the operation Linda boni conducted by the Kenya defense forces-KDF.

Coast Regional coordinator Nelson Marwa said some residents have been acquiring pieces of land in the forest to do farming despite the area being a danger zone.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Tuesday, Marwa said so far the Linda boni operation has bared fruits after going for several months without any terror attacks.

“So far security in Lamu is very good, i have been there four times and it’s exiting, we are still insisting on harmony in Lamu and it must be there, anybody threatening peace and tranquility there will be dealt with, said Marwa.

Following the Monday attack in Mandera where 5 KDF officers were killed by Alshabab militants when escorting a passengers vehicle, Marwa said they have learnt a lot from the incident and security officials at the coast are on high alert.

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He said the militants keep on changing tack-ticks but they will make sure they will not leave any stone un-turned and they are guarding all the roadblocks at the coast.