Suspect behind the killing of man in Mikindani Mombasa busted

Suspect behind the killing of man in Mikindani Mombasa busted

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The car allegedly belonging to police which picked up the suspect after the crowd was about to lynch him. The suspect was accused of shooting a man last week in Mikindani. PHOTO: GEORGE ODUOR.

Mombasa,KENYA:A suspect behind the killing of a by-stander next to an M-pesa shop in Mikindani this week, was on Friday almost lynched after being spotted by people around the shop.

According to witnesses, the suspect was identified by people who were seated around the  area, when he went back to the shop to buy something.

It is then that the owner recognized him and shouted attracting the public who frog marched him to an Administration Police camp 20 meters away.

According to Changamwe DCIO Francis Wanjau, the suspect was rescued by CID officers as the crowd was baying for his blood.

“We took the suspect to Changamwe police station where we further interrogated him,”  said Wanjau.

Wanjau said the suspect is now in police custody and warned the public not to take the law into their hands and report such matters to police.

On Tuesday morning  two armed men in a motorbike stormed the Mpesa outlet and got away with sh. 150,000.

The man shot dead is alleged to have be one of the workers at a car wash outside the Mpesa outlet.

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The deceased is reported to have been shot after shouting at the robbers before they took off on a motorcycles.