Divisions and hatred a worrying trend in the country, Kaparo warns

Divisions and hatred a worrying trend in the country, Kaparo warns

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NCIC Chairman Francis ole Kaparo at a past event. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: National Cohesion and Integration Commission has warned that divisions and hatred being witnessed in the country is detrimental to peace and stability.

Speaking when he appeared before joint parliamentary committee chaired by JohnStone Sakajja , NCIC chair Francis Ole Kaparo said that political temperature , tension and divisions being witnessed has gone overboard and there is need to tame it in order to avert a crisis.

Kaparo said that tension witnessed is as a result of recent anti-Iebc mass demonstrations which were not managed effectively .

“In the last few months division of the Kenyan people is palpable you can feel it ,There is so much tension ,there is so much suspicion let me be that frank.” Kaparo warned.

“And the leaders ,elected to lead Kenyans are in the forefront promoting hate speech .”He reiterated

He urged the politicians and the state to manage the demonstrations so as  to avert destruction of properties and lose of lives being witnessed during demonstrations .

Kaparo said that he will propose amendments to parliament which will bar politicians who engage in hate speech an avenue to vie for electoral positions come 2017 general elections.

“At this stage of life, I think we should have clearance of individuals that they have not been involved in offences that have the capacity of creating ethnic hatred and war .” Kaparo said.

He vowed to push to make sure eight legislators in custody are denied bail to send a stern warning to leaders who engage in incitement utterances.

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Kaparo pointed that lack of resources has hampered delivery of the commission’s services whereby it was allocated sh. 311 million, yet it had proposed to be given sh. 971 million in order to carry out its mandate effectively.

Sakaja noted that his committee will fast track allocation of more funds the commission requires and amendments related to hate speech and incitement,in order to strengthen it.