Quarry workers in Kilifi go on strike over poor working conditions and...

Quarry workers in Kilifi go on strike over poor working conditions and pay

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Kilifi, KENYA: More than forty workers at the Coast Development Authority owned quarry in Tezo Kilifi County on Wednesday went on strike.

The workers said the management of the quarry has been mistreating them at work while paying them peanuts, which is also delayed.

According to Kasiwa Kenga, a worker who has been with the Quarry for more than six years, the management has been giving them a deaf ear in their pursuit of their work rights.

“I have been here for the past six years but nothing constructive has come my way apart from hostile treatment by the management.Many times if anyone of us dares asking for our rights he/she is laid off.” Said Kenga.

The workers are also crying foul over poor working conditions which have left many of them suffering from various diseases.

Loice Kadzo told Baraka FM that the management has declined to provide the workers with gloves and masks to shield them from dust.

“We have tried all we can to convince the management to provide us with gloves and masks but all has proved futile, this has caused us to contract upper respiratory infections,” said Kadzo.

“We are here because we have nowhere to go. There mode of payment is not definite and most of the time we go unpaid for months.” Added Kadzo.

Franklin Kai who has worked in the quarry since 2010, said the workers have not been able to educate their children due to lack of sufficient funds to cater for school fees.

“Our children are just idling at home, they cannot go school due to lack of school fees, We have decided we will not resume duty until our concerns are acted upon.”” said Kai.

In 2015 residents in the surrounding areas protested against the Quarry on claims that it was not operating within the required environmental regulations.

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Efforts to speak to the management bore no fruits.