Witness says officer who lost firearm spent hours in her bar night...

Witness says officer who lost firearm spent hours in her bar night before incident

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Mombasa, KENYA: A case facing police officer alleged to have lost his firearm with ammunition under unclear circumstances, continued on Wednesday at Mombasa law courts where five witnesses appeard in court.

Among the witnesses was a bar operator who informed court that police constable Alexandar Kipyegomen went to his pub at 11:00PM and drank until 6:00 AM when he left.

She further stated that she had known the accused person for over a year since he was his customer and on the day that it was alleged that he lost his firearm, he drank five bottles of Balozi drink.

“Alexandar was in civilian and he did not have firearm when he came to my bar,” she told the court.

The accused is said to have reported direct to duties when he left the bar in the morning.

Another witness who was asigned duties with the accused person, said that they were assigned to guard Likoni police station from 6:00PM to 6:00Am but accused person excused himself at about 10:Pm and only to come back in the morning.

“You are not allowed to make any local arrangements among yourself when assigned duties but Alex told me he was going for supper and he will be back in few minutes”,a witness who is police constable said.

Police constable Alexandar Kipyegomen attached to Likoni police station is alleged to have lost by neglect a G3 riffle serial number 77097156 loaded with 20 round of ammunition which was entrusted to him by virtue of being a police officer between 3rd and 4th June at Likoni police station in Mombasa.

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Accused person who is out on bond of Ksh.20,000 has insisted that his house was broken into and valuable items including his radio stolen.

The case will continue on 29th were two are set to testify before matter is closed.